Virginia FREE provides the best objective, non-partisan political information ever available to business. This information fosters a well-informed business community that will take the lead in electing legislators who advance free enterprise and responsible, pro-business government.


Virginia FREE benefits from an outstanding leadership team. The Board of Directors includes a distinguished list of top executives from Virginia’s leading corporations. Our Executive Director, Chris Saxman, has led the daily operations of the organization since 2014.


Virginia FREE members are corporations, trade associations and individuals doing business in Virginia. We work for ALL businesses in Virginia, large and small, to ensure that the General Assembly is receptive and responsive to the interests of free enterprise.


Founded in 1988, Virginia FREE is a highly effective, respected and powerful business coalition representing a broad, diverse range of business interests.

Free Enterprise Foundation

Virginia Free Enterprise Foundation (VFEF) is a 501 (c) (3) supporting organization to Virginia FREE. VFEF provides innovative educational programs, non-partisan political research and objective analysis to foster informed civic involvement, promote free enterprise, and strengthen Virginia’s prosperous business environment.