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2016 Session Commentary

Introduction Virginia FREE is the independent, non-partisan voice of Virginia business. In carrying out this critical mission, at the conclusion of each session of the Virginia General Assembly, for the past twenty-eight years, Virginia FREE has assembled a team of highly respected business leaders and legislative
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General Assembly Evaluations 2016

Virginia FREE ranks the General Assembly on the pro-business performance by your legislators. They are ranked 1 to 100 in the House of Delegates and 1 to 40 in the Senate. Our formula is based on a simple concept – to highlight those who perform the best while encouraging continual pro-business performance
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Lobbying is an honorable profession.

Every year during the General Assembly session, I participate in former Delegate Kris Amundson’s institute named for the program she developed while a member of the Virginia House. The program for high school students about public service and politics has continued following her retirement from the House in
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Yes, Virginia – we record votes.

Recently there have been a number of reports and editorials that demonstrate an inaccurate understanding of Virginia’s legislative process. As a member of the General Assembly from 2002-2010 who served on five committees, seven subcommittees, and wrote several dozen pieces of legislation that were signed
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