Uncategorized Virginia’s National Ranking Improves

Virginia’s National Ranking Improves

Virginia’s National Ranking Improves

According the the annual survey of CEOs in Chief Executive Magazine, Virginia’s national ranking improved from #14 to #12.

Click HERE to see Virginia’s ranking and the entire article.

In this survey, Virginia’s Taxation and Regulation costs have Virginia ranked #28. Other recent surveys have Virginia’s Cost of Doing Business rankings in the 30s.

HERE is the 2015 Forbes ranking for Virginia. We’re #7 overall but #30 in Business Costs and HERE is the 2015 ranking from CNBC where we’re #12 overall and #37 in business costs.

One of the ways in which we can address these issues and make Virginia more attractive for internal growth as well as recruiting more investment to move to Virginia is to gather as a business and political community to collaborate on how to make meaningful changes. Politics is the art of the possible.

Two such events are available – our Ethics Workshop at the Virginia State Capitol on June 8th – click HERE to register and then make plans to attend our Leadership Forum luncheon on June 20th in Tysons Corner with U.S. Senator Mark Warner giving our Keynote Address. Register HERE for that event.

Woody Allen is often quoted that 80% of life is showing up; however, in democracies – it’s 100%.

Please attend our events and work with the business and political communities to prepare Virginia’s future for successful economic growth.


Author: Chris Saxman

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