Uncategorized 2017 House Freshman Success Rate at Crossover

2017 House Freshman Success Rate at Crossover

2017 House Freshman Success Rate at Crossover

We did a review of the legislation submitted by the new 19 members of the House of Delegates to determine the success rate of each freshman.

Not included in the rankings are resolutions submitted since commending resolutions are almost universally agreed to and study resolutions are almost universally rejected.

This is just the bills filed and whether or not they passed the House. Ties were broken by the number of total bills which are indicated in ( )

New Delegates Success Rate

Del. Jay Jones 80%
Del. Emily Brewer 60%
Del. Bob Thomas 38.4%
Del. Chris Hurst 33.3% (4)
Del. Schuyler Van Valkenburg 33.3% (2)
Del. Karrie Delaney 30%
Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy 22.2%
Del. Hala Ayala 16.6%
Del. Wendy Gooditis 12.5%
Del. Dawn Adams 11.1%
Del. John McGuire 11.1%
Del. Debra Rodman 8.3%
Del. Kathy Tran 7.7%
Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler 5%
Del. David Reid 4.5%
Del. Elizabeth Guzman 3.7%
Del. Kathy Turpin 0% (6)
Del. Lee Carter 0% (10)
Del. Danica Roem 0% (11)
*If our numbers are wrong, we’re sure we will be contacted. Of course, we are more than happy to make the corrections necessary!*


Author: Chris Saxman

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