General Assembly Pro-Business Rankings

General Assembly Pro-Business Rankings

My fellow Virginians

Virginia FREE enters its 30th year of providing the Commonwealth’s business community with non-partisan information in order to help us elect pro-business legislators.

Given the consistently high marks that Virginia has received over the years, it would be reasonable to take some of the credit. However, Virginia FREE is a membership organization and any credit belongs squarely with the members like you who invest time, talent, and treasure in making Virginia  regains the position as the best state in which to do business.

We have charged ourselves with not just holding legislators, aspiring and incumbent, accountable to pro-business policies, but also to foster an environment of cooperation, education, and leadership.

Unless we get government right, we can’t get our economy right. Regardless of party.

Virginia holds a special place in world history.

Our goal for Virginia Free is to help create the best state in which to do business.

That means that we must constantly improve, we must constantly measure, manage, and provide our representatives with the business knowledge to help grow our economy with pro- business legislative initiatives.

To accomplish our task, we have made meaningful changes to our Evaluations process. We differentiate the pro-business performance of our legislators and rank them 1 through 40 in the Senate and 1 through 100 in the House of Delegates.

We strive for constant improvement – not criticism.
We are respectful of the need to get this right.

Unless we get government right, we can’t get our economy right.

Please visit our website, to learn more about how we use Differentiation to rank our legislators as well as our exciting initiatives for 2018 – defining and publishing an accountable standard of governing excellence.

We call it The Virginia Way–Forward.

Phil Panzarella

5th Grade Simple
Board of Directors Chair


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